Rules exist in all Anarchy servers. Period. They’re either explicitly stated such as those that follow, they’re implicitly limited to common sense until the need arises to intercede in events that move outside them, but are most certainly a combination of the two. Just because something is not listed below means you can do it. If you don’t know if what you’re attempting to do may violate some law, rule, or moral/ethical notion of the GA, ASK.

Global Rules

  1. Decisions by Global Administrator (GA) supersede any rule or decision made by other Administrator(s) (Admin), Moderator(s) (Mods), Staff, or Support. This is not limited to events that occur on the game server, the game website, Discord, etc, and may not be based on entirely on rational reasoning.
  2. Decisions made by Moderators (Mods), Staff, or Support crew may NOT be made arbitrarily and must be based on Guidelines and Procedures. As such, decisions made by the previously mentioned may be appealed to those same Staff and GA on a case-by-case basis.
  3. All Global Rules, Discord Rules, Staff Guidelines and Procedures , and any other location were rules are placed are subject to change at any time and it is the responsibility of each user to keep up to date with said rules. Ignorance of a rule is no excuse especially when you’re alerted to their changes and have ample access to them (unlike IRL law). 3a. Users will be notified via @ commands for their Core group when an update occurs.

In-Game Rules

There, basically, are no rules other than the following:

  1. Server instances listed as “NO HACKS” are no hacks…you’ll be banned from both the “HACK4” and any other servers that are under operation by Hy;CHAOS
  2. Fraud (monetary theft (Scamming), scheming to defraud, theft of or unauthorized duplication of monetary instruments (Carding), Hytale account theft, the sale of stolen Hytale or other game accounts, external hacking via Malware or Social Engineering to acquire access, etc et al
  3. Explicit violation of Hate Crime laws.
    1. “I’m going to /we should / lets / how do I + go kill some [racial group]” -> Illegal, instant ban. Bye.
    2. “I hate *****! They broke into my house and stole my Hytale account!” -> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (Not illegal. Anyone displeased with this stance and can’t help scream to the moderators about it, please see rule 4…)
      1. In-Game Rules 3 does NOT apply to Discord, as it is governed by Discord Inc and Hy;Chaos and its members must follow their TOS/EULA when there. In the even that Discord attempts to use our external content to impose punishment that is not in Good Faith (doing it for political reasons or after being pressured by third parties that can impose no real financial damage to Discord Inc in any way), in violation of Section 230 of the Communications Act of 1934, we will defend our position adamantly.
  4. Virtue Signalling for any reason whatsoever is not allowed. Take your ass to one of the sugar-coated servers and turn your spine in when you get there.
  5. Bitching to staff/mods and/or Reporting for being griefed, raided, robbed, usurped, simped (“there are no girls on the internet”), etc will end with a warning or worse…Anarchy servers are an emulation of the real world boiled down to its essence : nothing is fair, and the sky doesn’t give a shit about your bellyaching. Suck it up, get even, move on, leave, whatever…

In essence, anything that would equate to ILLEGAL real-world activity is barred on the server. In accordance with Discord ToS, GA will comply with Law Enforcement requests for information where required (not like Discord Admin can’t access it anyway…)

As noted in Global Rules , this section is subject to change…it just won’t typically be extended to include in-game limiting decreed unless needed. Don’t push me…

Discord Rules

  1. Hy;CHAOS Discord Rules do not apply to in-server interactions excluding exceptions stated in Global Rules.
  2. Discord ToS supersedes any rules applying to Discord made by server GA, Moderators, or Staff, and since end-users have agreed to uphold those rules upon signing up to use the Discord service, are expected to follow them. Users found to be intentionally violating Discord ToS will be punished immediately based on the severity of the infraction.
    1. As noted in In-Game Rules, this rule does NOT apply in the event Discord Inc oversteps their legal bounds.