Re-opening Discord.

Guilded, most likely by directive of their parent company Roblox, is requiring an associated Roblox account in order to use the platform going forward… stupid as FUCK of an idea, right?
For anyone who joins the Guilded using their Roblox account, I can give you something minor in Hytale for going through the extra bullshit, but we’re probably going to background or shutter the Guilded server if they don’t reverse their decision or more people decide to reside on Guilded (unlikely) instead of Discord.
I’m also looking into some other type of chat integration since everything else is going to shit.

ALSO, this website running WordPress is most likely going to be replaced by something simpler in the future…don’t care too much about it.


Chaos Approaches…

Hy;Chaos is a premier Anarchy server for the upcoming Sandbox MMORPG Hytale that will feature the purest form of freedom as the primary rule: Anarchy. Do what you please (within reason, of course).

Other details and general server rules (we’re saying go have fun, not break the law…) will be developed and divulged at a later date as the arrival of Hytale nears sometime in 2954…

Join the Guilded Chat until the game launches. We won’t be using Discord to allow for a more open (“tAxIc ?”) dialog for users without having Discord killing it for “reasons”.